The diet of the blood groups

On the fact that each person has its own pool of blood, exactly four, each group has a positive and negative rh, heard it all. But not everyone knows that it can depend on the immunity, the propensity to specific diseases, the work in the digestive tract, that is to say, our healthy appearance and slender silhouette.

Foods with protein

For the first time the relationship between the composition of the blood and energy established the doctor of america peter D'adamo. The observation of the patients, we noticed a beneficial effect or impact on the health, as well as the metabolism of various products for people with different blood. And it happened to associate with the conditions of life of the person in the process of evolution. Initially, the band of the blood was a all the first. And the food of the primitive man, who was not in a special diversity.

This has logic, but the scientific evidence for the basis of this diet is not. However, it is quite more balanced than a diet and maintained on the long base.

The primitive hunters and ate mostly meat, your body does not know of other foods (milk, cereals), has been adapted to the digestion of flesh. Later came the farmers, the herders, whose diet was very different. On appeared second, third, fourth of the group. To the holders of each one of them, the best was another diet (vegetable, milk).

According to the theory of dr. D'adamo to the modern people with a particular composition of the blood is better to eat an important food for the ancestors at the time of the emergence of this group. As a result of the same products were divided into useful, bad, or neutral to the representatives of the different groups. Read more about them below, and until you consider the advantages or disadvantages of the proposed approach to food. Because the diet in the classic sense of a system of attitudes of the doctor D'adamo to call difficult.


We are happy to inform you — contraindications virtually no! What individual intolerance to certain foods. But you can always replace them by others — the choice is quite wide. In many of the "hard" diets list of substitutes is much shorter.

For some diseases, the consumption of certain products (recommended, you) can be damaged, and does not contribute to the healing of the absence of others ("dangerous" for you) nutrient. For example, if high blood pressure or heart disease, you should limit the amount of meat, even the people in group 1, where meat is the basis of the diet. On the contrary, in the case of anemia or protein of the failure of the flesh can never be excluded, even if you recommend the milk or vegetarian food.

In addition, with age, the state of the person changes. For example, the osteoporosis, in which calcium is necessary. Therefore, even meat meals" can't be viewed from the menu of the dairy kitchen. Hence the conclusion — in case of illness, the age of the changes to follow any diet — only after consulting with your doctor! Especially important with diseases of the kidneys, the liver (in this case, it is best to stay with a special system of feeding), diabetes, ischemic disease.

There are also no data on the use of any diet of children and adolescents. To be fair, keep in mind that the representatives of each group it is recommended that the set of well-known healthy product.

Diet 1 blood group (I)

I (or the international classification) according to the theory of dr. D'adamo belonged to the hunters — the first people on the Earth. It has been formed is about 30 thousand years ago. The basis of the diet of the hunters and served the meat. It is assumed that the representatives of the other have passed from the first as a result of natural selection. In our days, the first has about a third of the population of the Earth.

2 the group of the blood

Table of foods for the diet 1 group

Beef, lamb, mutton, veal, venisonAny type of meat, except the forbiddenBacon, ham, chicken, pork
The cod, the herring, the mackerelAny fish or shellfish, except those prohibitedPickled herring, catfish, smoked salmon, salmon roe, octopus, scallops
Olive oil and flaxseed oilButter, feta cheese, mozzarella, goat cheese or soy milkAll the other dairy products and yogurts
The seeds of pumpkin and nutsThe rapeseed oil, sesame oilCorn , peanut, cotton seed and safflower oil
Spotting beansBarley, buckwheat, rice, barley, buckwheat flour, the rye breadThe brazilian nuts, cashews, peanuts, pistachios, poppy
Calais, vegetables, romaine lettuce, broccoli, spinachThe grapefruit, most berriesThe split red lentils and green
Artichoke, chicory, dandelion, garlic, horseradish, cabbage, leeks, parsley, turnips, peppers, sweet, pumpkin, seaweed, turnipsThe chocolate, honey, cocoaCorn, wheat, bulgur, hard, white, and others, the wheat, the germ and the bran), starch, oatmeal. Any of the products, such as flour, bread and noodles
Plums, prunes, figs The wineCabbage, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, mustard greens
Laminaria and condiments in your base, iodized saltAlfalfa sprouts, olives, fermented
Parsley, curry, cayenne pepperSolanaceae: eggplant, potatoes
Water and teas, including herbalThe corn
The avocado
Oranges, tangerines and strawberries, blackberries, rhubarb, melon
White and black pepper, vinegar, capers, cinnamon, cornstarch, corn syrup, nutmeg, vanilla
Tomato sauce, pickles, mayonnaise
Beer, coffee, black tea

The diet for group 2 the blood (II)

II (or) has been formed around 20 billion years ago our forefathers, with the development of the tillage. The food of the farmers was mostly of vegetable origin, so that their "descendants" more appropriate to vegetarianism, to exist on earth around 38 %.

The diet

The table of products for 2 groups of blood

Carp, cod, sea bass, mackerel, red perch, rainbow trout, salmon, sardines, sea trout, silver perch, white fish, yellow perchChickenBeef, pork, lamb, veal, venison, duck, goose
Flaxseed oil, olive oilYogurt, mozzarella cheese and feta cheese, goat cheese, goat milk, kefir, ricottaAnchovies, white sturgeon, catfish, caviar, conch, crab, crayfish, eel, flounder, hake, turbot, herring, lobster, mussels, octopus, oysters, scallops, shrimp, squid
Peanuts, pumpkin seedsCod liver oilAll of the cheeses and the milk, in addition to neutral
Spotting beansWhite beans, beans, asparagusThe oil of corn, cottonseed, peanut, sunflower seeds and sesame
Buckwheat, ryeBarley, barley cereal, rice, barley, oats, and cerealsThe brazilian nuts, cashews, pistachios
Bread soy and rye flour, rice cakes, flour (oat, rice, rye), noodles, and pasta and rice, or ryeThe coriander, cinnamon, clove, vanilla, bay leafThe black beans
Garlic, onion, broccoli, carrot, parsley, pumpkin, spinachSemolina of wheat, corn, rye
Artichoke, chicory, parsley, dandelion, horseradish, the leek, romaine, parsley, alfalfa sprouts, tofu, turnip greensProduct of semolina flour or durum wheat, muesli, cereal, flakes wheat
Berries (blackberries, blueberries, cranberries), plums, prunes, figs, grapefruit, lemonPepper, olives, potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, all types of cabbage, tomatoes, eggplant, mushrooms
Pineapples, cherries, apricotsThe acid vegetables, especially the tomatoes
Soy sauce, garlic, gingerMelon, cantaloupe, mango nectar, papaya, bananas, coconuts
Hawthorn, aloe, burdock, echinacea, green tea, red wine (1 glass / day)Orange, rhubarb, tangerines
Ginger tea, coffee (1 cup / day)Vinegar, black pepper, cayenne, white), capers, gelatin
Tomato sauce, mayonnaise, pickles
Beer, mineral water, black tea

The diet for group 3 (III)

Representatives III (or ) — the descendants of the nomads, have appeared about 10 thousand years ago with the beginning of the mass migration of peoples.

The diet of the blood

Products for the 3-rd group of blood

Lamb meat, deer meat, rabbitBeef, ground beef, turkey, calf liverChicken, duck, goose, partridge, quail, pork
Cod, salmon, turbot, trout, mackerel, sturgeonFlax seed and cod liver oil, butter creamThe molluscs (crabs, shrimp, lobsters, mussels, oysters, crabs, shellfish, etc), anchovy, white sturgeon, eel, octopus, sea bass, snails, algae
Cottage cheese, feta cheese and mozzarella, cheeses, yoghurts, milk, sour cream, cottage cheeseAlmonds, walnutsIce cream
Olive oilPeas, peas, white beans, beans, asparagusCanola, corn, cottonseed, peanut, safflower oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil
Millet, oat (bran, flour, fish meal), rice, rice bran, fish meal)Cashews, hazelnuts, pine forests, pistachios, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds
Wheat, bread, rice cakes and crackersBlack beans, spotted beans, lentils
Green leafy vegetablesWheat (bran, germ bulgur, white and solid varieties), semolina of wheat, or of any of the products, such as flour, bread and noodles made from this grain
PineapplesThe rye and the products of this grain
Bananas, blueberries, grapes, papaya, plumBuckwheat, corn (cornflakes, cornmeal) and any products made with this grain
Ginger, horseradish, curry, cayenne pepperBarley, rice, couscous
Ginger, peppermint, raspberry leaves, fruits of the rosehip, sage, tea greenMuffins, baking, bread, cereal, rye
Zhen-shenArtichoke, avocado, corn, olives, pumpkin, radish, cabbage, tofu, tomato
The liquorice.Coconuts, persimmons, pomegranates, pear espinosa, rhubarb, starfruit
Barley malt sweeteners, corn syrup, corn starch, cinnamon
Allspice, almond extract, gelatin, pepper (black and white)
Tomato sauce, mayonnaise
Aloe, stigmas of maize, fenugreek, gentian, hops, linden, mullein, red clover, rhubarb, pastoral care of the bag
Alcoholic beverages, sodas

The diet for group 4 of the blood (IV)

IV (a or av) — the youngest and mysterious. The problem is less that thousands of years ago as a result of the confusion between the first two groups, is located only 7% of the population of the peace, probation, you can call them "neighbors". As recommendations and prohibitions for the "citizens" can be very surprising.

The food

Table of food for the group 4 of the blood

Beef, lamb, rabbit, turkeyPistachios, pine nutsBeef, chicken, ducks, geese, pork, veal, venison, ham
The tuna, cod, sea bass, hake, mackerel, sea bass, pike, trout, sardines, sturgeon, caviar, salmon, pike-perch, trout, pikePeas in any type, white kidney beans, beans struchkovayaAll the shellfish, turbot, shellfish, herring, acne, and hake
Yogurt, kefir, low-fat, sour cream, egg, mozzarella, goat cheese and milk, ricottaBlue cheese, brie, buttermilk, camembert, ice cream, the grated parmesan, whole milk
Olive oilOil: corn oil, cotton seed oil, safflower oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil
Peanuts, walnuts, poppy seedsHazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds
LentilsThe black beans
The soy beans, spotted beans, lentilsBuckwheat, corn (any products such as flour, bread and noodles made from them)
Millet, oat bran, oat flour, rice bran, rice, rye, sprouted wheat and products, such as flour, bread and noodles made from themArtichoke, avocado, olives, all kind of pepper
All types of rice and products, such as flour, bread and noodles, theMango, guava, coconut, bananas, oranges
Broccoli, beets, cabbage, celery, green leafy vegetables, cucumbers, eggplant, garlic, parsley, turnips, sweet potatoesAllspice, almond extract, anise, barley malt, capers, cornstarch, corn syrup, gelatin, tapioca
All types of grapes and plums, berries (blueberries, blackcurrant), cherryVinegar, pepper (white, black, cayenne, red cereals) These vegetables is a powerful, invigorating and a natural antibiotic for the 4-oh group. Garlic, horseradish, parsley
Pineapples, grapes, lemonsAlcohol, carbonated beverages, black tea
Seaweed, curry
Garlic, horseradish, parsley
Lucerne, burdock, chamomile, echinacea, green tea
Hawthorn, licorice root, red wine (1 glass/day)
Dandelion, burdock root, the leaves of the strawberry
Coffee, or coffee without caffeine (1 cup/day), green tea

Advantages and disadvantages of the diet

The main disadvantage of this diet is not suitable for the rapid relief of weight. Those who wish to lose weight in one month-three is better to choose another diet. This system designed for long-term (better in life) use, and it is the body, sanitation, enhance immunity, normalize the digestion, and as a result of the loss of weight.

Another argument of the critics of this approach to nutrition — the lack of a serious investigation. However, the diet has a sufficient number of followers throughout the world, and the number of positive comments on it, everything grows.