Set of exercises for slimming the abdomen and the sides

The people who are complaining of their figure, they often try to get rid of the excess weight. Often, men and women attempt to eliminate unnecessary kilos with the belly and sides. Exercises for weight loss will be effective only if performed correctly and with regularity, but at first difficult to understand why they appear the fat deposits in these parts of the body.

Exercises to lose weight

The causes of the appearance of the fat

It is noteworthy that the deposits of fat in the abdominal area is much more dangerous than in other places, even in the hips. In reality, so in any sudden increases in weight it is worth to immediately consult a specialist for advice. Often the increase of pounds happens due to the presence of any pathology in the internal organs.

We can distinguish several factors that can cause the appearance of excess fat:

  • a bad posture, which is more common in people who lead a passive or a sedentary lifestyle;
  • in adulthood, sex hormones produced in a lesser quantity, therefore worsening the change of the substances, respectively, and fats are broken down much worse;
  • frequent stressful situations cause the release of adrenalin, and this, in turn, is converted into the hormonal cause of the error and of the occurrence of sudden jumps in the weight;
  • the pregnancy it is at this period occurs a stretching of the skin in these areas, and after the birth of a child that is quickly filled subcutaneous deposit of fat.

In addition, cause the excess weight can and other factors such as life style, inappropriate, hormonal alterations or genetic predisposition. That is why before you do exercise to slim down the sides and the belly, it pays to know the cause of the formation of fat, as well as the exercise may cause more serious consequences and make the situation worse.

The rules of

Sports for slimming the abdomen and the sides can help only if done properly and consistently. During all this period, it is necessary to respect some rules, and it is hard to train, eat and rest fully.

In addition, during the exercise, it is necessary to create good conditions:

The ventilation of the
  1. The room in which it will carry out the practice of sports, should be well ventilated, but without draughts. Otherwise, it can become the cause of diseases of cold, and this condition will hardly help you to lose weight.
  2. Of the room, it is desirable to remove all objects that could distract them, for example, mobile phones. The best place to include rhythmic song in the vcr, or video clips on the tv. It does not prohibit viewing the film, what is important is that the plot was not very obsessive, and not to distract from classes.
  3. In terms of clothing, it is best to choose something comfortable and free. Inadequate about the size of things and the shoes will be narrow, to rub and spoil the whole training session.
  4. It is worth to prepare in advance the sports equipment that you may need during the classes, they can be barbells, dumbbells or the hula-hoop. In addition, it is worth to stock up on water, preferably without gas. This is very important, since this type of events, a burden, and want to drink in any case, permanent and hiking in the kitchen, divert and bring down the total of attitude.
  5. Each training only begins with the warm up, while heat up all the muscle groups. The best one for this ideal walk for 5 minutes or go for a run by the place. In this case, you can avoid the pain the next day.

Also, practitioners are advised to treat sports activities as a joyful and positive event, then the classes will be at the same time fun. And weight loss of the exercises for the belly and the sides will be much faster.


In the home help you lose weight strength training for the belly and the sides. For its implementation requires special tools, they are the ones that can help strengthen and build muscle, as well as in parallel to burn fat.

The house can be applied squats normal, but more heavy session of weights. During the event, you can produce attacks, or the raising of the upper extremities in the different parts. But with the help of dead weight of traction is quick and easy to pump up the buttocks. Also the result can be obtained with the hula-hoop, he is, in addition, will work the muscles of the abdomen and rid of the fat.

But it is worth noting that these weights have a number of contraindications, these include:

  • attacks of suffocation;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • the disease of the kidneys or gallbladder;
  • diabetes, dependence on insulin.

As is seen, get rid of the belly and the sides can be by itself. The main condition is the regularity, as well as the conclusion of a session, it is unlikely to have the desired effect. The process must be approached responsibly and hard. The complex of exercises is carried out not less than three times a week with the fulfillment of the proper feeding and the mode of the day.

The bridge

The complex of exercises

In sports activities aimed at slimming, it is not necessary to concentrate on a single exercise, it is advisable to approach the goal in a comprehensive manner. In this case, and the body is going to make the charges much easier.

All manipulations are performed in the supine position and is executed in the following way:

  1. The classic exercise bike. The knees raised and flexed, while the man produces the movement, which is similar to a displacement of the pedals.
  2. The next twisting motion. Allows you to work the oblique muscles, which produces manipulation is required, with a minimum of amplitude. The man lies down on a flat surface, flex the limbs at the knees, the hands are placed behind the head. When you inhale slowly lift your head, along with the shoulder blades, and on the exhale return to its original position.
  3. Reverse curl is performed in a similar way to the previous one, but with the upper part of the body of the raise and pelvis. But when this spine in time of execution of the manipulation still remains.
  4. The best exercise for slimming the abdomen and sides is the bridge, it helps to strengthen the muscles. To perform pull the hands and dip them in the ground. The legs bent at the knees, the buttocks taut, lifting the trunk up to the area of the vanes, the body should form a smooth line, and do not lean. At the highest point should be set at 5?10 seconds, with the time, you can increase the time.

Another simple method that helps you to get rid of the bottlenecks is the pushups or planck. At run-time if you feel discomfort, it is worth taking a small break, and after making another approach.

Aerobics classes

By using the breathing technique is quick and easy to remove mouth and the stomach. In the opinion of many women, the most effective techniques are the following:

  • "Oxysize";
  • "Zhangfei";
  • "Bodyflex".

During this gym is you can meet the body of the oxygen which, in turn, will support the optimal level of PH, will enhance the formation of atp, as well as accelerating the metabolism.

In addition, these activities help to lift the spirits, reduce stress, and improve your general health. If desired, you can apply the technique, which uses only a group of muscles, or to use the more advanced methodology that is in charge of all the groups.


But before you begin to study, it is worthwhile to learn the initial technique of phrenic breathing. It's also worth noting that, since the initiation worthwhile to give up during pregnancy, lactation, in case of an injury of the spine, cardiovascular disease, or diseases of the respiratory tract.

Assistance cardiovascular

Cardio-gym consists of a complex set of physical exercises, that are struggling with a surplus of centimeters in the area of the waist and hips. In addition, the classes, visibly increase the heart rate up to 150 beats per minute.

The most popular varieties of cardio exercise is running, cycling, fast walking, and some elements of aerobics. Effectively help to get rid of excess weight and swimming, but, unfortunately, this is a sport at home is impossible.

Within the structure of a cardiovascular includes the following exercises:

  • run in place within 3?5 minutes;
  • running in a place with high raising the hip and frequent changes of the feet;
  • running in place, which produce the bending of the knee trying to pull the plant from the feet up to the buttocks;
  • jumps — in the lower extremities together, and the top lowered along the body, during a jump broodstock, and the hands rise above the head;
  • elevations — for the execution of these manipulations, you will need a chair or bench, on which you climb with the help of one of the legs and down, you must then change leg and do the same motion.

All gymnastics activities are carried out in two approaches with an interval of half an hour. All the movements in a approach to perform out of 10?15 times. It is desirable to practice cardio exercises immediately after the completion of warm-up exercises or, on the contrary, break up with her weight.

It is worth noting that with special care to sports, the occupations should be taken to the people who have problems with the cardiovascular or respiratory. For women who developed a complex of gymnastic exercises.