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  • Yuliana

    Returned to lose weight with capsules Dietonus. He called attention to the fact that they break the appetite. Became much less, has refused to do. After a month in the scale less than 7 kg of Side effects was not the well-being of the hotel.

  • Silvia

    I had not even imagined that I could get rid of the huge belly. The daughter brought 2 packages of these capsules and suggested to drink with it. For the month, my stomach was less than 10, the Weight dropped by 12 pounds Now I am very happy of your figure. Advise dietonus all of her friends.

  • Ricky

    Of dietonus the effect is real and not a myth. I stopped eating harmful food. Threw 8 unnecessary kilos in a month, the belly is decreased in a 5 see My opinion — a product effective and without side effects. Was even more hard. I began to run regularly. Well-being in the norm, not the fatigue.

  • Dian

    Even after 50 wants to be beautiful and slender! Therefore, we decided to drink Dietonus on the advice of a friend. He studied composition and has not found any chemistry. Only the 100% natural substances. After the receipt of funds belly was reduced in a 12 cm left of the cellulite. I feel much more young. And this in only a month!

  • Ricky

    Participated in these capsules six months ago, to cleanse the stomach. For a long time a sedentary lifestyle and not eating. The result is 100 kg on the scale. In a month he returned to the register 80 kg of the Figure of happy. With dietonus it became the most active and rarely stop to fatty food.

Customers Dietonus